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Countryside is an in-house Big Data web development firm.  Our webpage brands are built from the 70 or so standard JavaScript commands. We source 3rd party data as well as aggregate our own data. Our brands are primarily designed only for mobile. Below provides a bit of information about some of our brands. is political information source but in a "fantasy" format where a politician's discretionary actions, such as infidelity, white collar crime, fraud and other sleazy activity will be rewarded with points. Capitol Hill fantasy points can be equated to kicking a football field goal and getting those three points plus an additional point for every yard over 50. The more questionable the activity - the more the points as determined by a formula involving viewer members. methodically crunches race statistics for Horse, Harness, Greyhound, Cycling, NASCAR, Formula1, other Auto and any other race or competitive event including sports. For example Greyhound race tracks differ widely with turn slopes and dirt texture causing some gates, exactas, wins, places and shows to factor more frequently than others. Race Results provides likelihood information when any of these result types will occur again based on the frequency, such as over the last 100, 1000 and 2500 races (or whatever number of races you determine) and the last time that result type ocurred. connects the visitor with a local respected quality affordable lawyer in the area of law you need. Cheap Lawyers covers most areas of law, such as an accident lawyer, disability lawyer, immigration lawyer, injury lawyers, divorce lawyer, malpractice lawyer, family lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, criminal lawyer, civil rights lawyer, business lawyer, entertainment lawyer, environmental lawyer, healthcare lawyer, health lawyer, IP intellectual lawyer, international lawyer, labor lawyer, personal injury lawyer, Real Estate lawyer, tax lawyer, estate lawyer, maritime lawyer or a military lawyer. finds the best odds on online gaming websites, such as,,,,,,, and Another one of our brands,, provides compressive statistical information for races, sports and other competitive gaming activities.  Cheap Bets is your one stop shop for finding the best odds ! / offers top of the line golf equipment at cheap prices. Front Nine / Back Nine also offers video golf lessons from the best teaching pros in the world. offers the best sports equipment at cheap prices. Cheap Sports is also a sporting event digital ticket brokerage connecting buyers and sellers. Cheap Sports has several complementary websites, such as / Cheap Baseball, / Cheap football, / Cheap Hockey, / Cheap Basketball, / Cheap Soccer, / Cheap Rugby, / Cheap Lacrosse, / Cheap Running, / Cheap Swimming, / Cheap Softball, / Cheap Hunting, / Cheap Fishing, / Cheap Hiking, / Cheap Dancing, / Cheap Sporting Goods and, Cheap Athletics